Monday, November 17, 2008

The many Facades of Humanbeings

Lately, being baffled by the very dichotomy of human behaviours, hyprocricies.

They said they are always care and longing for successor; but in fact they are paranoid of passing the reign.
They said always standing by for mentoring battlefield strategies; but in fact they are fearful of being annihilated by their heir, who are they exactly? Mere Hyprocrites.

They said they shone the light of unsullied truth, but in fact they are intolerable about your innateness, your luck.
They said they would guide you to the estuary of hopes, but in fact they are more than happy to see you fumble in the abyss of despair.

These are them. These are the ingridients of their hearts. The disjunction ever existed in human psycology.

I see, I learnt, never be their legacies nor their followers. Cuz there are only 3 points in my life:

1. Honesty

2. Humbleness

3. I don't deal with those without no.1 and 2.

Sigh, the disparity between different social hierarchy? Perhaps.

After all, I have to admit that " Too many hypocrites; Too less Good Samaritans . "

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Friday, November 14, 2008


Since the 50th Architectural Anniversary is around the corner, I think I should have my own blog anniversary. Well, it's not actually an aniversary, just a memorabilia of my life for the past 3 years... especially in this forlorn blue night.

Check it out @

Do spend some time going about the older posts as well! Arigato Gozaimasu~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rewinding the time -> -> ->

Yipee! I have been waiting anxiously for this moment of privacy, and finally, after a series of merciless battles, the Armageddon was over. Weeks of rigourous presentations and submissions had no doubt put me on tenterhooks, encroached my private time so much so that I was nearly tormented - in stark desolation. Thanks to my dear & family for accompanying me through this great ordeal.

Despite the agony, my spirit to BLOG was unrelenting but it was all boiled down to the lack of time no to mention innumerable sleepless nights which I had to face, fatigued.

"Design or DIE", yeah, that's what it seemed to be in the studio.

Crap....seems I am talking more and more rubbish...what to do, couldn't curb my chatterbox-nature :)

Now I get to rest my butt comfortably on this embossed PVC chair, try-ing to recollect the shattered "timepieces" in my memory...'s always that sluggish when it comes to re-winding the time.

Tok...'s the prelude...MSL briefing, 1st day

By formal, it's called MSL = Malaysia Student League

My Group
Dear's Group
So there were lots of games played during the Orientation and lots of good friendships fused at the end of the day.  We had a beach party, Sentosa excursion, Merdeka night, station games....basically to bind a strong friendship among freshies and to build a good rapport of Msia students as well as some foreign ones, Nurzhan for example. Well, some said it could be build through DOTA-Ing.., which is arguably true! lolz....So next time OWNED more!... 
So it's kind of  a technical jargon to say GG in study which means Good Game initially, but I guess Gai Liao Gai Liao sounds more aptly. 
Anyway, below are snippets of the Orientation Week... I wish I could share each of the 8GB photos I have at Blogspot...but it's just a mere vagary I know. So, if you ever wish to view it, drop me a message ba! 
Day 0 - Small games

            Human Barrier Games
The girls....See Dear?

As unlucky as usual, I was forfeited... have to do something silly on the stage @@
Riverside...Clerk Quey, Clubbing Hotspots, Credits to the Photographer (whom i do not know)

A nice river valley

Group Photo

What a nice scenery!

Rainbow colors!

Total Glance

View from China Town

Figure from Little India

I love this shot

Dear smilling........

At the front of a temple

Into the temple

Weird Staircase

See the Moron in Orange T-shirt?


Solving Strig game
No-mercy punishment
Stupid dumb knocking his head

Take the ride!

Ball game

I treat you, you treat me

Real fossil?

Catch catch...

Big Merlion

dear's group

Ultimate Marsh Mallow

OMG Song of the sea! SENTOSA SO NICE!


So that's all I can provide for the time being. The rest ( drawings ),,,probably next time~ 

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