Sunday, May 17, 2009


生活很忙碌忙碌   时间愈来愈少
记忆总被冲淡    虽然还没磨化
界限模糊了  分不着是最近还是最远
期盼的还是期盼  纵使快鞭赶集  也凝望不到星云的交际
星儿们回家了  眼看暴雨夜的来袭
我俩在哈您的海滨  随风相伴的唯有小雨点
在那危临的一段  老翁独自垂钓
午夜一点钟响     狂风第二度侵袭    他   在大雨的驾到   更加起劲
一把木鱼竿     不再低头    随着高潮韵律     指挥鱼儿们之乐团
在远埋伏的雷公     怒气默默平息    渐而不再狂吼
凌晨之雨     听似不言不语     其实细诉着老翁的心底   他的知己
老翁透过它    轻对我俩说    看好,危机

是危   还是机    都在你眼中
唯对命运不低头    才是生命的苦衷


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in hometown Again. Speakin' bout Mighty Architecture.

I like the breeze, fresh air brought by gust of winds outside this rejuvenating vermilion midnight, accompanied by droplets of drizzles melted on the cold concrete blocks. It dawned upon me that I am back again in my little cosy home. How magnificent an architecture could offer to its master, perhaps not master-slave relationship exactly. or Shall I rephrase it to "How magnificent an architecture could offer to its companion, in this long-lasting partnership that underlies temporal comfort and contentment?"

It shant be deemed as an slavery act for the mutual chemical that react within the spaces, neither should it be classified as a One Way Street as if the relationship was based on a direct one to one encounter. There lies the reciprocal, when a space gains control over human behaviours. Sick Building Syndrome is just another undesirable effect of such puissance. A back-and-forth motion, suggested by the A.C. current would be examplary for such relationship. Slotting a plug is akin to laying a brick. Hence, when your buildings are built, you can tell, how the relationship pervades the air, sparkling sense of mutual dominance is intense enough to resonate you.

The fact that human commands the spaces or vice-versa is purely personal. One can't tell your self-consciousness for sure you're the one guiding it. For the former, let's take an architect whose job is to design a scheme for family of five; he can't propose three rooms of relatively the same size without taking into consideration of the age factor, by then he would have to come out with suitable programs so to speak, to furnish users much more options of daily lives, be it another balcony or private courtyard. He can then add an arch, subtract the light shelves, doubles the skylights or divides the number of openings to fit the common ETTV values (which only applies in Spore). As for the latter, spaces; posseses the anticipation & qualities of an architect, reigns its sovereignty over the bricks and enforces certain life qualities towards the users. A sliding wooden frame could invoke somebody's memories and meant nothings for somebody's else. A mirror accentuates self-contentment by reflecting beauties or terrfies you by horrible looks. A glass panel invites curiosity or cast out criminals. A rotunda functions as a place of regalia - point of rejoices or just another sorrowful mourning court in the crematorium. Feeling emanates from Spaces, so do Architecture & Perception.

 What feeling does it invoke?

Serenity, Haunted?

Pride & Glory? 
See how interesting mirrors can do...

Walking with or without it, any difference?

What if the staircases were built-into the annex, covered by full concrete blocks?





Even care needs to be taken for the selection of tiles.... it makes a difference

I feel secured. At least. 

Search for anything?