Monday, October 27, 2014

when the September wind is gone

There goes September, end of the Summer -
The peak of a year, for any dream to be cleared.

October came with chill winds and shower,
slowly dawned upon me that another year is over.

Scanning to-do list while ambivalence grew stronger,
...I wonder,
whether mankind is the slave of Material World or never?

Two decades of tests and struggles,
Evidently ... mankind has become more confused and greedier,

A fact which I beg to differ,
I see Complacency as the crux of the matter,
since in humbleness we know how much we can filter.

The future to some may be a horror,
While others welcome it with a sense of honor,
The rest resort to believe the fortune teller.

There comes November, beginning of the Winter -
Cold storm with bonfire, for there is nothing to be feared.

- Desmonde, Autumn 2014

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