Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rendevouz & Farewell - Early April

Before My Blog was born, I couldn't had a chance to record all the sweet & bitter in my everyday - thanks to, at least I am a Noob Blogger now! haha. Anyway, it's still not late to show you all my wonderful memories rite?

All these were some of the rendezvouses I had back in Early April.... yeah, I recollected the days with Jit Sun as my classmate, we're kind of advocate in Tourism Society, rushing here and there, all the unsettled rigmaroles especially with the school authority and yet had to juggle between studies & co-curricular activities. Worst of all, deadlines are the utmost importance in organizing a tour, once you've missed it, you will have a backfire in your plan and lose all your money. Backlogs, backlogs, backlogs....those were very common when you want to get your documents authorized but so "suei" that the teachers weren't in. Sometimes it is good to train our stamina too by running here and there in the school! @@

-With Jit Sun at Starbucks, e-gate

And now....he's back! This time is not from Penang, but Japan instead! So... besides keep "seh-koh" at my home, I did meet up my peer and we chit-chat a lot till midnight.... that's photo we snapped together that Friday night...

Talking about Japan, I had to say "goodbye' to my another friend,Isaac, who is already there now.... so sad.... but everybody has to go after their dreams, rite? For remembrance, we had a steamboat gathering at Town Restaurant, Macalister Road...hopefully he is doing well there!

We gangs of friends....with JJ Boon Teik and F3 friends....
(Isaac was the one with a dark blue t-shirt) - next time perhaps he is Isaac Newton!
Isaac is a funny guy among us, his jokes are incredible and really perk up our study life! or else we would be in our sweet slumber while the teachers were teaching! haha........

So long my friends, hope you all sail smoothly in your journey ahead and best of luck in your future studies ya! Do keep in touch even if we are in a different continent, let our friendship stretches across miles!

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