Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A deep probe.

Feeling sorry for being indifferent towards my teeny-weeny blogging world again, for about three months since the very last post. Darn. Can't help cuz falling in "architorture" - a new phrase I had learned being part of the angst-y studio.

I guess a better way to describe the studio life is not a horrible place brimming with mere sense of masochism neither a tang of sadism, rather an intellectual hatchery which boosts up your brain lobes by at least one fold. (not too bad i guess). The teachings basically encompasses a hollistic approach, ranging from architecture in reality, wood, scale, proportion, function to as far as the Orion stars, Mintaka,constellations, light years wavefront to wonderful biological metabolism.It encourages thinking beyond the paper, not to say abstract but embedded information which are still in much relevant to the topics. At some point, it triggers the conundrum of pedagogy especially in the academe.

How the Asian were brought up, How did the Westerners perceive the world, What concerns an Asian, a Westerner, or a human as a whole?
It is no doubt that these often lead to a prolonged discourse over the tedious issue of teaching methodologies but on the primary, it reflects the basis of our existency, Who we are and What's our identity?

When Datuk Lim Chong Keat lectured about the rising identity theft by the ubiquitous Western culture, the fact that regionalism in Asia was misclassified and being omitted by the lost of Asian consciousness, failure of her to reproduce form and identity that mingle with cultural diversity almost mark an end to her wonderful heyday.
When Mr. John F.C. constantly engaged in the discourse of overpopulation and self-sustenance, the surge of inhabitants across Asian countries poses menace against society and architecture not to mention the self-sustainable issues that has not been addressed finely even today.
Again, When Mr. Florian shared his tits & bits of the architectural life, when he persistently urged us to think beyond visual senses, internalizing the information around us...

The question are: What are the predominant roles of architect in the Tropics today?
                           Have we been blindfolded, minimizing our senses for fear of harnessing far-fetched?
                           Have we...or are we still living in the nebulous reality?

It would have been great if someday the enigma would finally reach its culminating point, as spring reveals and snow thaws after countless snowstorm.

Perhaps, the Fibonacci Numbers will keep on proceed to the infinity.

A Deep Probe though.

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