Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bon Voyage my Cosy Penang

So long my cosy Penang, a place that I have found my very own site, my identity.

Hope to know you more, my identity.
Hope to grasp you firm, my identity.
Hope realise myself and dear in you, my identity.
You gave me the very best family, the very best dear, the very best friends who are all over the continents right now,
my identity, so much to look forward to.
Penang, wish you the very best.
Penangites, don't lose your faith, lights up the gloom with your power.

and of course, yummy foods i hope you'll wait for me.

hard to describe feelings now, might have been taking a long leave,
till all my mood was gone, ha...that's life. Perhaps Sweet & Sour is a better word. A truly mixed feelings.

Chinese say People Mountain People Sea,
Once upon a time we've got our own dreams to be,
And so we sailed across our own Sea,
To the harbour we've long been waiting.

People mountain people sea, But, What exactly have we seen? Money, Power, Lust?
Or Justice, Well-being and comfort? Sometimes, a simple dinner is superb, watching TV is greatest family time. Sometimes, cooking together can be a great art, playing contests is a wonderful past time.

Hardship ahead,
Come what may,
As long as you love me, Dear.
I know a world without fear,
Just when our hearts are gettin' near.

See you all soon after 17 weeks. Yeah!
Gonna be a long haul, I know, He's there.

To my lovely city, I knew we just got something for each others.


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