Sunday, September 15, 2013


When the taste of life starts kicking in, I should say, time waits for no man.

Time as all that I have blogged about, is certainly exists in the framework of relativity. I believe at some point in your life, you might be reminiscing about the past, thinking of how memories and experience have shaped you so far, or someone whom you have met made your life wonderful. Yet, it is human nature to be skeptical about ourselves in terms of the unknown future. There is no doubt that the future is daunting, which we often celebrate with optimistic anticipation in a melancholic tone. For others, it might be best to welcome it with ambivalence so as to avoid disappointment from over-promise.

From a physical point of view, time is not geographically determined. How could we have the same time as the whole continent of China but different with that of Thailand?
Reason being the Time is predetermined for political reasons. As you can see here the Time is a framework of relativity, not correlating to our socio-geographical difference and yet we believe and accept it as a matter of fact. So you tell me, what does your time based on?

It can be someone else's achievement, someone else's expectation, perceived social custom and norm... or simply - YOUR DREAM. When was the last time you tuned your clock? Was it to suit others or yourself?

Allow me to rephrase, if I may, the saying that time waits for no man is true only in our perceived relativity. Otherwise, we have fallen into a limbo: Keep chasing someone else's dream.

Hope this helps to enlighten your day. Keep up with soul searching.


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