Sunday, November 29, 2009

Of recent me. A Green Thought.

hm.. mentally-blank on what to put down here after 120 rush hours (1-3 hour sleep daily, not that bad huh). Well..writing blogs feels kinda different from writing diaries. The latter has no restrictions while allowing you to pour daily reflections though. Some chaps would just tell you, Hey this is the world today! Go-online, paperless, Go-green!

But do we?

In terms of saving papers, yes i agree wholeheartedly but one has to be cautious that Go-green term is more of eco-intelligence as how I termed the "money-concept" in the previous post. Put it in a simpler way, it's Brainwash-ing!
How? well then some of you might find it prevalent for a normal household to be air-conditioned in Singapore which ironically happens to be in the Tropics (hot and humid is unbearable but wind & rainfall neutralize such conditions at some point). However back in the 70's before the advent of air-cond system people would look for electric fan during hot sunny days.

My point is, despite a sense of mannerism in the socio-behavioral system of human i.e. people are distinguished from the way they think and sense, when put into a larger picture, a community or group, tend to be "naturalized"  into such wider group in as much as their thinking are restricted to a certain extent. While democratic decision calls for majority votes, oppositions are expected to conform to the ultimate upshot. Just like the air-cond, there were of course people rejecting such idea of cooling and yet when the whole world is believing this new guy, what's more they can say? All we might do is to thumbs-up, blindly adopting this technology cuz this is a total monopoly, a market of no rivalries. So what happens is the ensuing interests, firms wanting to be part of the system for the sake of profit, money to be more precise, trapping themselves in another spatial forming cartel perhaps, air-cond of different branding starts popping up in the market.

We all know that technological advances in a great leap ever since the Millennium causing us to undergo an exponential growth (termed in the popular video DID YOU KNOW). In fact, issue of sustainability has to deal more than just the social equity, of population explosion and widening rich_poor gap; but the forgotten mother nature and economy (ironically, yes, in order to survive - could be of money or not at all). If we study closer social-behavioral framework from the Paleolithic era to the Modern age, we could see a shift from self-sufficient agriculture to barter system and finally an economized agriculture when everything is equivalent to money values. Indeed a change from practical to physical then realistic and abstract.

This is nonetheless a linear progression although the current state suggests a rather superficial situation especially with the rapid development of virtual medium, internet, 3G and etc. However, the concept of such linear flow still  remains a contending idea.. who knows it could be a Cyclical flow, when disaster hits and we are denude of all our current financial system that we must rely on the basic, primitive means of survival, growing plants, barter system and so on. One apple for two oranges?

Are we not sensitive to alternatives when we are bounded within these "abstract spatial model" of the current world? Are we, in a way, not competent with our fellow aliens because of the evil of mankind to crave for money and wealth instead of preserving our natural senses? Because nowadays we are more or less a visual animal, we rely much on what we see...not the others. For instance, air-cond shuts down our natural thermal adaptation. Cuz we are living in the tropic and it will make us less attuned to this climatic condition.

Alright, I am not anti-air-cond freak or something, I live with it too sometimes when the climate is just too unbearable. I just want to raise a concern over the concept of Go-Green. For it to work, we must make sure it is not another Spatial-concept framed by some people, just to dig the most profit from us. In other words, it means do it in the physical & practical way.

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