Saturday, January 16, 2010

Magnetism of life

Just a lil thought...... I have been fascinated by the way magnet works especially the invincible forces that pull them together/apart. However it is pretty sarcastic to equate this with life - magnet stands for our social network . Kidding? No. If we perceive in this way:

Human as a basic entity represents ITself as a bar of magnet. It possesses at least a streak of polarizing behaviors as most of us do; sometimes it rains within us; other times we are sunshine to someone. Whatever it is, such natural phenomenon are usually cast in the internal. Most of the time human only speaks to their heart, purely a monologue going on in a simple yet complicated bio-mechanism. Sailing along the coast of ice bergs, with no sense of direction where the North & South poles are, they are typically resilient to find their "counter-poles". But things do get uneasy when there is a head-to-head collision between the same pole.

Are we opportunistic? While one believes he is unbiased, maybe we are just being selective in forming magnetic bonds. We don't work well with people of different channel and that's an inconvenient truth. So in a way, we are choosy for the sake of our happiness. Most of the time, we are just occasionally attached to a certain kind of Clicks/groups,   then when the temporal dimension changes, we are no longer bonded to each other. N-S bond turn into N-N bond. Let us just imagine ourselves as tiny little magnets...floating in the fluid of the motherearth... some bonded..some un-bonding...some departed... A pool of magnet so to speak.



To be frank, right now I am feeling some magnets breaking apart, like a demise of the Star, of the Sun, and the subsequent planetary deformation  taking place in an unknown galaxy. I have lost some bondings with some magnets earlier... and the only culprit I can think of is the Time.

Sooner or later  I shall find new magnetic pools...of which I am unsure whether the Vicious cycle has yet to take place. Even if the previous bonds were to be recovered, the resultant forces are not as great as the great olden days as we used to have.

Now I am scared, like, really.

But if you are lost in the physical world, this fat colonial guy might be your best guide. Cuz his finger is always pointing to the North. Don't believe me? Try to map the location on the signboard above.

Well, Penang Time Square is a huge Magnetic Compass thanks to the Sculptor. Freshly made in a warehouse at Perak Road. Now I see, why I am not lost Physically.


hong said...

haih.. luv ur post, alwez.. though sumtime too lazy 2read long long paragraph haha.. take care~

Desmonde d'Crinoline said...


ha..i'll keep it short next time.. lolz...

u too take care! CNY come bac lets yum cha ...

wei liang said...

An interesting illustration. =) But perhaps the magnet with only two distinct poles shortchanges the plurality and greatness of the forces of the world. Our world.

I sense a certain degree of disillusion in you after reading your post. Good thing or bad, I dont know.

Indeed, practicality makes people gain some, and at the same time, lose some.In the constrain of space and time, the universe keeps on moving, evolving, changing.And we too, moves along.

Practicality is often perceived as being selfish, but we all have to make choices, and if we do not make these choices to our interest, then we probably will never be happy.

Let me quote a phrase to reiterate my point, ' Love is joy. Don't convince yourself that suffering is part of it- Paulo Coelho'.

Sidetracking, I believe love is the greatness governing force behind the universe. It has many dimensions and different aspects. And without love, we are nothing.

So, as much as we miss and reminisce the old days, or ponder about the many incidents around us, at the end of the day, what we can do is look forward and embrace the great challenges that are awaiting us in an optimistic way.

Of course, we ought not to make ourselves happy at the expense of others. That will be pure robbing. I need not say more.

Do not fault others. People make choices, and sometimes these choices are difficult ones. Give your blessings anyway.

Sometimes, it seems good to have a really close bunch of friends all the way through your life. But if we go out of the way to make that happen, aren't we restraining ourselves in life?

And sometimes, our loved ones make choices which inevitably make a considerable impact on our lives. This is the most difficult one. Because either you have no choice, or the choice is simple- make do or let go.

To this, don't stop loving. Although we all have thresholds too.

Sorry I wrote so long! haha.your post is very thought-provoking! Thanks! very nice blog btw!

Desmonde d'Crinoline said...

Thanks Weiliang for the wonderful comment! My greatest apology for it has taken ages for this reply. I guess I have been wanting to write something but then again it subsided after tonnes and tonnes of workloads in the school. But yea, Love is joy. Don't convince yourself that suffering is part of it- Paulo Coelho. You are the one who brought me closer to his works. Really impressive I should say.

Don't stop loving -) is perhaps what we need indeed in this strangest way of life. We might be lost, we might feel defeated, disillusions.. all in all we are responding to the projection of the others in our beautiful mind, which, sometimes, they might be wrong. Too bad we are only replying it to generate thoughts and actions.

Don't stop loving - i love it! As true as a bar of magnet, it does not stop loving to any metal it chances upon; even though not to his subconscious advantage. -)

Let's spread the greatest love -)

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