Tuesday, January 12, 2010

System Theory of Conveyor Belt

Directed by: 丹
Narrated by: 迪

Ever thought life is a linear production? Of raw materials in the pre-manufacture state being passed through series of factory production before finally squeezed into nicely-fitted,  dazzling boxes as the end products. We saw the professions of engineers, architects, doctors, accountants... conquered by people from all walks of life via obsolete stories; often grandmother's tales; one who studied hard, one who graduated with flying colors subsequently recruited into MNC's, big firm, then came 30 and bell rang for the life knot to be tied. Perfect. As a post-climax, story was subdued to the emergence of new lives, fatherhood came on duty regardless of Jack or Jill. At this turning point, Hokkien people usually termed it in an ironic way:" Ho Mia eh ko cho Pa Pa Liao."

That explains what we are doing everyday.

Delve into question that has long present with an answer. We knew it, even Calculator is not on par with a Tarot card, for the latter to be more precise. We will be convinced by the cruel reality that Money is our boss that we can't live without. Sooner or later, a fresh job offers us $2500~$3000 for donkey works. We will be kind enough to pull the cart but grudge the pain every single minute. Then we keep looking for chances to escape from ultimate debts. There we go, ride a merry-go-round from a freshie to Senior Engineer to Assistant Director consciously reminding ourselves of our untrimmed beard. Kids grown up and voila we've done a Great Job!

Another Tom would probably ended up as Uni Lecturer.
Same fate as Dick but he's a bit unlucky, branched out to become investor to cover his piling debts.
Well, Harry might be the lone ranger, a software innovater who found his niche area after tired of 45 office hours weekly.

But we are all moving in a SINGLE direction except for Harry (maybe, I'm not competent to say no)

For God's sake, we are the Obedient enough to the hypocritical Reality. Kinda intoxicated in his sweet words, study for the sake of dangling carrots. Work for the sake of money. Where did our Dream go? And his counterpart, Passion? Did we just tear them apart?

A medicine student might dare to dream of saving the world, construct a better tomorrow...but eventually realizes saving the world might be a lil too far...why not saving his pocket first? And so practitioners who charge $50 for a packet of pills are so prevalent especially during the midnight. We can't be more ignorant, that going against the law of economics is a suicidal act. Same as architect and others.


As some big guys would probably indoctrinate you escaping from such "viscous cycle" of reality only by far-sighted investment or the notorious pyramidal scheme. Perhaps those hypocrites have been trying to deliver a more sensible principle which we dubbed "the SIDEWAY theory". Rather than progressing yourself in a linear projection, spreading it in side way directions could perhaps get you out of the grandmother story. A new experience of broadening horizon, as one would go "deep and breadth, wide and across" instead of "deep and into".

For example, somebody pursuing Electronic Engineering with a passion in Photography might find his niche area in Engineering photography. (a new field that nobody has explored before indeed!). OR somebody with a degree in Botany but passionate on servicing people...might eventually realized his potential as Botanic TourGuide after investing himself on a part-time Tourism course.

So then new field are being explored day by day...while we sit down and question how the hell these creative people thought of such field? and making it an invention. Perhaps innovator is solely a "sideway" advocate. So do some called it "Creativity is the root of successful entrepreneur ".

A new world requires a compounded integration.

Everyone is a designer. Forgetting your initial dream means forgetting your own self. Doing for the sake of doing it, but not for the values. An economist is a designer; for his specially formulated financial package to aid the underprivileged. (though not many seem to have such initiatives)

Guess too much to be absorbed...let's end with a Phenomenon:

"A" girl was born with a silver spoon. Everything was planned for her right from nursery to the tertiary. She enjoys everyday as much as she hates her controlled life; then she pursues her degree somewhere in the States without having a single worry for money. There she goes. Experiencing snows, attending nice spectacular fairy tales' wedding, got a nice bf...
"B" girl is not that lucky..comes from a poor family yet facing difficulty in study. Family background forced her to drop-out, working full-time to support herself.In contrast, she's a Urban Cinderella..who awaits the imaginary prince.

What makes A different from B? Money? or Spatial Value of Money - iPhone, Laptop, Sportcar... that has to do with Distributional justice? a fairer resource distribution? Imagine B is poor but living in a comfort house, carrying iPhone, Laptop, nice car without intervention of the money.

SO we've got you the System Theory of Conveyor Belt.
Dare to Dream? Your call.

有一些人浪花滔滔, 生活却不了风骚

尽管长江后浪推前浪, 始终一代不如一代烂。








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