Saturday, December 11, 2010

A long Hiatus

Desmonde understood that he has not been writing blogs for a long period of time, call it a hiatus, call it a retreat, call it whatever. The time has slipped away without anyone noticing its sickness, fell into an abyss of distraught, complication, and ultimately soul-searching that is still ongoing, felt at the tip of keypads writing this blog.

Blessed with someone special, her supports and sacrifices, her loves and trusts; which have made wondrous impacts, 
blessed with families & friends around him. Blessed with the magnetic relationship he has mentioned years ago. Blessed with people he met in his lives thus far, both the heartfelt and superficial ones, both alive and dead.

Time has yet to come for a complete return, of insights that outreach to the unfathomable human world that explore the intricacy of psychology and space taken into account the human behaviors and societal mindset.

"Gini's coefficient draws a boundary between the have and have-not, forming a hierarchical separation in anything that is related to human-beings. We see houses meant for the rich, and that we have assumed shanty town is meant for the poor. We see expensive objects are affordable for the rich. No matter how cruel the reality might have chosen to represent itself, the bottom-line that most people have forgotten is about their rights for accessing information, their rights for finding their own true-selves regardless of their circumstances."

Just like the sun, it is neither belongs to Desmonde or you, but Everybody.

Thus, making space viable to all people without hierarchy remains as HIS greatest goal. 

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