Friday, February 4, 2011



A sudden impetus has provoked my passion once again in conjunction with this brand new Rabbit Year.
It was no doubt that this was written some time ago, approximately closed to a year but felt like yesterday in the mind.

In as much as We know that life goes on, but memory remains and dreams are made of the subconscious brain., How much can we deny the fact that retrospecting the past helps to re-inform the future?

又走完了十个乐章. 也许是人性的弱点, 总把更早一载的故事都给忘了.
前几年说的, 一双破烂的鞋丢了吧, 留住另一边也没意思. 我们不舍得的, 不是那皮革;而是那双鞋陪了我们风风雨雨的日子.

鞋丢了; 买了新的; 再破烂; 再丢. 我们都知道, 这永远都只是个循环. 找不找到舒服的鞋固然重要但不比过程的领悟来得有意义.

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"这新的一年, 一点都不新. 只是愈来愈找回自己."


一人拼命; 万夫难挡.


Soap Opera... you may call it... definitely the puppetry of life. See...some people are fake, like Wolves under Sheeps' skins... without you realizing that their existence are simply material-driven, honor you like the Lord when you have money galore.

"The curtain is slowly being unveiled, in a decent period of time, it became apparent that Money does bring Happiness, but definitely Money does not Equate to Happiness..."

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