Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3rd Day 1700

 Before going into my Monologue stance, few things in my mind that I think worth sharing.

Once upon a time in the rural kingdom of the West with a King named John. John was having a good life, lived in the Majestic Castle with groups of servant. He need not worried about his life nor frowning upon any deficiencies that commoners had to face in their life. Whenever he was hungry, he would be served with scrumptious meals so life was a luxury for him. However comfort his life is, John has an eccentric habit when it comes to quenching his thirst. He got up early every morning, dressed well and sauntered with delightful pace to the tiny well of the backyard, scooped up a vessel of water and swallowed the icy-cold water bit by bit.  For him, that water is the best form of stimulant for the stupor of morning grogginess.. Story ends.

Moral values? Appreciate the very moment you have while there are still opportunities. The metaphor here is perhaps the knowledge as water. You might get it easily, or you might prefer to seek it on your own. What is more important, ultimately, is the journey of finding them before the moment of enlightenment. Incidentally you might end up grasping nothing tangible but don't forget the seemingly Universal principle of cycles - Whatever comes will go in the same way. Knowledge as we know it, is intangible. As far as we concern about our own consciousness, there is something that we can't deny anymore - that we as the human are bound to experential learning. The elderly would have probably put it that way - No pain, No gain. Everyone is the same.

In this pursuit of dream that calls for variant definition from one person to another, we are constantly being reminded of the stark reality whereby money, time and practicality have to tolerated. We know in that manner, passion and health (although indirectly) are the perishable trade-off. However insightful we are, we have to be reminded that if time were to be the neutral element, passion & health outweighs money & practicality to certain extents.  God plans but human work the plans so to speak.

There will be no quintessential pathway nor shortcuts; but the most suitable one that you will single out as you move forward, be it the comfortable or onerous one. Comfort, is a relatively radical word, exists in its most bipolar state in nature. As much as you are yearning for it, you will not be comfortable with the comfort once it has been attained. Simply means to walk out of your comfort zones ensures consistent comfort when you have regained it in the end of the day.  In contrast, banality would haunt you in a persisting comfort environment resulting in a traumatic boredom.

Stake, our best enemy often presents itself in a 50-50 manner trying to keep you sitting on the fence than making any critical judgment. Whilst not to compromise our minds and intuition, we have always made a decision somewhat proportional to the level of confidence. Confidence, putting it on the scale of measurement, gives us readings across the wide-ranging personality from arrogant, humble to submissive. That perhaps defines a "style", in the interpretation of an art student. But certainly being confident doesn't account for being loud and vice-versa.

In this world of uncertainty,  oddly enough some people could have reacted for the sake of "face" issue. So the ensuing action was to up the ante for that game of gamble, hoping incessantly in the sanguine attitude that things are going to turn up his way. Well, what might have been omitted was the White Elephant that would surface even though it seemed to be a good game in the very beginning.  Perhaps to an economic student, it sounds more like refinancing a bad debt.

Well, I'm still beating around the bush as you can tell from my writing and in the course of my life. However well the Raison d'etre for this journey of life is to seek your dream as the way your intuition has dreamt for it, and dream it, to the FULLEST. May God bless,


As for now, please bear with me with my little monologue:

It's been 11 years since you left the door,
I saw
Tornadoes wiped out the floor and everyone ran in hysteria.

But repeating 1700 hours 11 times, rewinding back and forth, I see a clearer picture of this story.
Seeing this periodic Cause & Effect relationship from a vantage point proved the positive things that were otherwise being deemed a Total Destruction.

Yesterday You welcomed my Call with Spring showers, and I took the liberty of believing it as the guidance.
Regardless of this persona in my life, I know that I have got to grasp hold of my Element.

From 2009 blog entry,

Save me from drowning,
Is fishermens' excuses for hunting.
I know, I have got to live with this Entanglement. 

3.20 What has it given me.
Every now and then I hope, that the World will get to see.
That Tomorrow, you will be happy.

With loves,
Poisson no longer in the Dark.


I am not Bipolar-LAH!

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