Monday, November 4, 2013


"Clockwork - The World Never Stops"
We may have forgotten the real meaning of Time.
Simply because they have never stopped working.

"How old are you?" asked the old man.
"Oh my, time flies, doesn't it? I was having such a good time at your age. You know, having fun with friends, riding motorbike, watching sunset by the probably don't understand how am I feeling right now" He continued with a sobering tone. "There is no going back in life. We lived once. The Sunset today is beautiful isn't it?" He further sighed "You must treasure the time as it is"
Unfathomed, "Alright, but I'm gonna leave for work right now".

Reclining on the timber bench , his blood-shot eyes looking up the vermilion sky in a regretful manner, as if  the end was already near for him. With melancholic voice, he replied " It's ok. Just let me be alone with my 'TIME', I'll be fine I know".

Slowly, I threaded my way down the marble staircase. The still silhouette of the stranger gradually faded into the golden backdrop... 10 years ago.

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