Sunday, January 5, 2014

Time Matter, Time Shutter

Imagine a box frame. You are inside it. The clock starts ticking away...tick tock tick...
You leap forward three box frames. Another hour passed, you find yourself looking through a series of box frames from a vantage point. Now imagine you see yourself in each of the box frame. You start to see the sequence of your movement much like the shutter in a camera. Pieces as a whole.
Packing up those past boxes in ten years, you will see a pattern of life as flexible as human vertebrae. Sometimes straight, sometimes bend, and maybe winding. You are now at the latest box frame gazing into emptiness. 

You start to wonder what might be the right shape for the future frame path.
In ideal case, they will form a desired path. 
However, in reality things usually happen not in accordance to our desires. A "pre-determined" path so to speak. 
Now what I am really interested in is this: set aside the harsh reality, how do you perceive and work out your own reality? 

A few possible scenarios here: 

Direction A - Extreme desired case. Your ideal merges with you perceived and the harsh reality. Surprisingly you are managing them so well that you gel three of them into one ultimate point. You should be proud but this is usually impossible. 

Direction B - A more typical form. You set your own goals and persevere with faith in spite of all challenges from the harsh reality. You do give and take with the Ideal and the Reality. Sometimes they give in too. Therefore you are maintaining your ultimate point and two of them somewhat support what you are doing. Bear in mind that sometimes you will have to compromise your ideal. 

Direction C - Extreme undesired case. You just say goodbye to your dreams and succumb to the harsh reality. I don't suppose you are going this way. If you are, perhaps you should read - Socrates " an Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living". 

That probably sums up the meaning of life in a temporal sense. 

I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope this article enlightens you on your New Year's Resolution. 

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