Sunday, March 9, 2014

Recalling Magnetism of Life

Sometime ago, I wrote an entry on the Magnetism of Life.
Life is akin to magnets in action. Imagine every person is carrying both North and South poles which alter their positions in an undefined span of time. As the principle goes, when the North meets the South, they clique. When the North meets the North, they repel.

"magnet pool"

Society is a macroscopic pool of bubbles that are constantly tweaking their poles due to the external factors. In Year X, they are intertwined in a particular fashion similar to the cobwebs. However, in Year X+1, the web undergoes slight twist as a result of magnetic activities. Although they happen by chance, they are not necessarily predictable. That is why people changed across the years, for good or for bad.

These constantly changing "vulnerable" bubbles, to say the least , still driven by will-power as much as human intuition is intact. Strong will power gain governance over the alternating poles and thus true friendship stays against all odds. Better still, when psychics overrules, the magnetism can be intensified in the desired path.

As conceptual as this theory, they are all happening within indefinite boundary space.
Remember, there is freedom within; there is freedom without.

When you face adversity, thicken your wall to let loose from the undesired pole, or prepare a metal plate.

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