Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chasing the Train of Your Life

When the days passed like nobody's business, one can't be more worried about the path to be taken in life. We do, of course, make choices at each station of life as we progress. It is analogous to taking the train in the city. Do we know where we are heading before we even set off from the terminal?

The dichotomy of life is tricky - we are physically living in the CITY yet we are metaphysically wandering in our imaginary CITY where destinations are sometimes undefined, blurred, or clear and far. Duality exists in our life in the following manners:

i. [Congruent] - the CITY that you are living in is the CITY in your imaginary world: wherever places you are visiting today is a result of your informed choices of destination in your imaginary CITY by taking the right train.

ii. [Incongruent] - the CITY that you are living is not the CITY in your imaginary world: whatever you do today is divergent from your ideal CITY i.e. you probably missed your train or you've boarded the wrong train.

There is perhaps no best answer to this conundrum. However, we need to ask ourselves in this age of life whether have we taken the right train and how much money we have in our wallet? Some people may have a stack of bills for trial and error; some only left with a note to take the leap of faith. Ultimately, how urgent it is to take the train?

Let us examine a few scenarios here:

1. You and your partner jump on the bandwagon to take the new train to the town not knowing the real destination cause everybody else in this age seems to be doing the same thing.

2. You and your partner board a different train to the same destination. Although the destination is clear, you have to know the rapport between you and him/her so you will not end up waiting like a mad guy at the destination or lost contact eventually.

3. You and your partner board a different train to the different destination. That is probably another new chapter to write in your life.

4. You are waiting impatiently at the Terminal because you do not want to risk the last note in your wallet. You may or may not know which is the right train to take.

5. You and your partner boarded the right train - right time - and in control of the time and any back up plan should the train break down.

6. You are a backpacker hopping on each available train randomly hoping to find someone who can assure you of the right destination to go.

7. You take your own sweet time cause you just have too much in your wallet and time is of course not a matter to you. You might have known the right train to take in this case.

So as the saying goes "Life moves on", which train are you trying to catch exactly?

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