Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An early Judgment day

Time flies. Again, my journey has reached the crossroad. When it's quarter past twelve last night, hong chin suddenly messaged me about the local uni application outcome. I was dumbfounded. I never expect the government to be such efficient when it comes to education....While I was hesitating whether to go online and discover the truth, ghin leong rang me up at the right time. With his benevolent offer, I disclosed my IC & application no. to him and I could heard a few keyboard tapping sounds before he reverted to me telling me the good news. I WAS OFFERED BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE IN UTM! Hooray! Couldn't believe it man! I thought I'll be a dead meat on tomorrow's judgment day but - it happened way earlier....... I was overjoyed.
They said good things never came twice, somehow last night's been an exception.

Here's an excerpt of my online status:

TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:
KOD : TH03
SURAT TAWARAN : Pihak IPTA akan mengeluarkan surat tawaran kepada calon yang berjaya mulai 19 Jun 2008 (Khamis)
Catatan : Pastikan anda mengesahkan SETUJU TERIMA TAWARAN di laman web IPTA berkaitan mulai 18 Jun 2008 hingga 25 Jun 2008.

UTM, I'm coming!


Lens said...

Congrats. At least you got what you wanted for, right? Haha ... Glad to see it. If i wasn't wrong, it's in Johor isn't it? Nervous ? And when will you depart?

Desmonde d'Crinoline said...

thanks o fren....hehe ya...

oh it's at Skudai johor, but i still have to wait for the freshman package before knowing everything oo
there will stated what time to set off ooo...

nervous a bit lolz hehe,....thanks for ya wishings oo...

wat bout u?

Lens said...

haha doing fine here lo. All the best to you lor. Next time by chance, we can meet up and have a drink together ?

Desmonde d'Crinoline said...

sure....u can reach me by 016-462 4638. hope to meet you soon ooh. or at me at MSN,

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