Sunday, June 29, 2008

So long, So much to cherrish

To my dearest friends who are leaving for IPTA tertiary studies at this moment of time:

Today, a gloomy day indeed. Tonight, a sulky night indeed.
Here I sit on fidget, anxious, worry.....
Trying very hard to retain the memories of the olden days,
that slowly turn nebulous as time fades.

So long all my friends, who are soaring high for their University Journey,
Farewell to my friends, who are sailing through the breezing mist,
All the best to my friends, who are starting their new day in IPTA at this moment of time,
Good luck to my friends, who are making umpteen new friends ahead.

We have passed the crossroad, we have made one step ahead the diverged,
We have reached the estuary, we have found our own commuter.

Don't worry my friends, you will outshine;
Don't give up my friends, you will succeed;
Don't lose faith my friends, you are the one.

Best wishes for your journey ahead, my friends.

朋友一身一起走, 那些日子不在有,一句话,一辈子,一生情,一杯酒.....#


 When will be the next time we meet each others? Please promise that we will have a rendezvous sometime in the future........
Sometime in the future, our social network will get larget and larger, but our intimate network will get smaller and smaller, till to our peripheral networks, our family, our best friends, our soul mates. Loneliness is yet to make an onslaught. Whatever it is, All The Best and All The Best!

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