Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recapitulation I . dXxBox

To strike a balance between Materiality & Functionalism, d.XxBox celebrates such tolerative coalescence in a single entity with much compromise of human ergonomics.

Unifying smooth touches and rigid body,
A place for reading, amusement and sometimes a furnishing,
Hailing the Mondrian,
A functional storage for paraphernalia.

Play by permutations,
As secondary spaces unveil,
Alternate storage comes real.

Breaking the X-factor,
Transcending age boundaries, adults and kids alike;
finding their own sites,
in these boxes of unanimous sizes.

Epitomizing "Something for Everything, and Everything for One thing"
Making every corner a space provider,
Varieties exists amidst such a hybrid.

Behind the scenes: The Making
Thank you guys for making this a perfect work!

Le Si
Yi Show

Yi Kang


last but not least.

Measuring ... gettin' precise dimensions

Smooth-sanding the surface

Let's fit-in all the puzzles! 
Derived from Mondrian's Art.

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