Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recapitulation II. Map.Diagram.Program

"Of learning and un-learning, thinking and un-thinking."

We were told to design a simple house covering a parameter of <15m in an abstract location, for a client who is a frequent star-gazer and somebody who enjoys his privacy pretty much. In a simpler term, he's kinda a hermit leading a simple life and has visitors occasionally. 

Proposal:  Taking the site to be a flat land with few vegetation, a corner that provides vista of the grassland is crucial which at the same time,  being partially submerged in the scarce foliage.
A bedroom overlooking shady nook, a place for a small drink with friends. A space consists of 3 segmented compartments, leading from public to private . At the same time, the kitchen and bedroom is fully enclosed from views especially in living room that undoubtedly contributes to the privacy level of the client.

Taking inspirations from previous model me and Peter did:  Small House by Kesuyo Sejima
Small but well-thought
And taking into account diagrammatic studies of Star Orientations and Directions as well as Mapping an inspirational modernist's movie "Playtime". 

 Something of Paris.
of Orion Nebula,  Meissa and Bellatrix.
Where light years shone on our walkway. Is that possible?


hong said...

very nice eh...gambateh~

Desmonde d'Crinoline said...

thanks yo! .... i hope i did better ! :) cuz din have much time that week....

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