Friday, July 10, 2009


The funny thing is ... I can't really find a good topic whenever to start posting an entry. Guess I have been thinking too much.

Fast-forward to 9th July, made a spontaneous visit to U SM with Dear and friends. Was eager to explore but keenness seemed to have boiled down somehow. Those I was longing for were nowhere to bee seen.

There are too much of them in my mind in recent years
Something I can't get rid of
Somewhat a monologue
Of me, another me, and the other me

Is destiny? though I always believe I am predestined to execute
Starting from something as trivial and minute
I hope he's right

It was an informed gift, if not a godsend
and happened by chance

I felt it was real
Surpassing collisions of dimensions of different radii
It must have been a message from him
trying to reach me in many ways'

taking care of this family I must
to pull through the societal strata
make better living for real
despite plunging into violent rat race. 

In fact, we met few times on the other line - not Web 2.0 or any or its generations
Thanks for the impetus and all the opportunities
for meeting her
3.20 it was the best gift
My 21st Birthday, my next phase of life,
I know what to do.
Thank you and I hope my instinct is right.

The gift was colourful. :)

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